Gizmobots are robots made from objects I find in car boot sales, second hand shops and even skips! Each is a unique sculpture that is made to bring a smile to whoever adopts them. Some are simply nice to look at whilst some perform tasks such as being a light, an I-Pod dock or a working radio. Each robot comes with their own story explaining why they need adopting; their likes, dislikes, hobbies and dietary requirements. For a small additional fee I am happy to write a story for the robot (as cute or as crude as you want!) that is based on details you give me about its new owner. As an example, I made a robot called 'Doug the Plug' for an electrician called Doug whose 40th it was a present for. His wife sent emailed me some funny details about Doug and so the robots story told of how he trumped so hard that a little bit of oil came out, causing him to slide off his leather sofa whilst watching Hollyoaks.