Custom robot and story blurb

50 GBP
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Custom robot and story blurb

50 GBP
I'd be more than happy to build you a customised robot for a special occasion or as a special present. I've had people contact me saying things like-

"My Grandad used this tin for 50 years-could you make me a 'bot from it to remember him by?".
"I need a special present for my partners 50th?".
"My daughter's getting married-could you build me a Bride and Groom 'bot?"

If you have bits you'd like to include in a robot, or have a specific requirement (can you make an Italian inspired robot was one this week) then please e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. 
Each time I build a bespoke robot I include a back story for it that humorously includes details of the person who will adopt it. Simply e-mail me at with funny details of the recipient (and let me know how 'close to the bone' I can go-I have a penchant for double entendres and the stories can be a bit rude at times!). Please take a look at the stories I've written for the 'bots on here to give yourself some inspiration.... 
Both of the above services are very collaborative with me sending pictures of the build/drafts of the stories until you end up with something truly personalised and unique.
Prices start at £50